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Hi, I’m Matthew Bently and I’m a lawyer in Chico, CA. My wide range of experience includes criminal defense as a private attorney, being Deputy County Counsel for Colusa County, and both teaching law and serving as counsel at California State University, Chico, all of which serve me well in providing the best defense possible for each of my clients. I am very involved in youth sports in Chico, having been a manager and coach for nine different youth teams.

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My goal is to achieve a favorable result on your criminal charge.


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    Matthew Bentley went above and beyond for my case and was a great attorney to work with! I appreciate all the communication and being so thorough going through my case. Thank you very much for helping me through this! Definitely recommend Matthew!

    I contacted Matthew Bently about Estate Planning. He informed me that he doesn’t really practice estate planning but he would be able to refer me to another attorney that could help me. I really appreciated Matthew’s honesty about his field of expertise!

    When the pandemic started to spread I had to ride my motorcycle from CA to my home in WA. While cruising down I-5 near Chico I got flagged down and received a ticket for 110 in 70.

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    I went to the law offices because I was pulled over due to the ball on my bumper which blocked center # on my license plate. I received a DUI. My first lawyer made me believe my case would be dismissed, this went on for over a year. It was very frustrating.

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    I received a DUI and accidentally chose the wrong lawyer (extremely bad representation). I had paid a retainer for $3500 dollars, lost my license due to attorney negligence, and was losing my case. Matthew went to bat for to litigate and get me a full refund and help me get back on track with my case.

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with a great job well done. I was charged with a DUI, not only was Matthew strategical with the facts of the case and had a well written dismissal report to the Judge in which the Judge granted my dismissal of the DUI but Matthew also won my appeal with the DMV hearing.

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    Mr. Bentley was attentive and hardworking. I felt like he had my best interests in mind when advising me. I was most appreciative of the environment he created. I was under tremendous stress and Mr. Bentley was always a calming force throughout the process.

    Matthew is a super personable and professional attorney. I was having a rough time finding an attorney until I found him! His fees were very reasonable and he got me a good resolution to my case. I will definitely be returning to him for any future cases.

    When I first met with Matthew Bently I knew right away he was the right attorney for me and my case. He was very personable and professional. His fees were very reasonable and the outcome of my case was better than I hoped for.

    I have hired Matt several times to represent me in court cases. Every case I hired him for we have won! If you are looking for a lawyer with knowledge and a lot of experience, then Matt is who you need to hire. Your not going to find a lawyer out there that works harder to win his cases!

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