Matt Bently at Crosslands Market and DeliI am a San Diego native, born and raised in California. While growing up in San Diego, I regularly participated in sports, including water polo, wrestling, and track and field.  After graduation from high school, I moved to Davis to attend the University of California, Davis where I started my law enforcement career.  After spending a few years in Davis, California, I moved to San Jose, California where I continued to work in law enforcement until I moved to Chico, California.  While working in law enforcement in the north state, I met my wife, at a major vehicle accident scene, who was working as a paramedic.  After a few years, we married, bought a house, and we are now raising two wonderful children.

After leaving my first career, law enforcement, I finished school at CSU, Chico. While doing an internship with the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC), I became interested in the role of attorneys in the judicial system. I started to work with a criminal defense lawyer, Dane A. Cameron and decided to enroll in law school. While working in the criminal defense field, and attending law school, I decided that I wanted to help people navigate the criminal prosecution system and add balance to the constitution. I graduated from law school, passed the bar exam, and opened my office to achieve my goal of helping others.

I am a general practitioner of California law, emphasizing on criminal and civil defense litigation. I provide legal services in all areas of criminal law, including DUI defense, medical marijuana issues, serious and violent felonies, reductions and expungements, and sexually-based offenses including registration requirements. I also provide civil legal services in the areas of contracts, transaction law, public agency law, and wills and trusts.