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Review by John P.

“I contacted Matthew out of the blue via a Yelp search with questions pertaining to my son regarding a minor in possession and its subsequent effect on his DMV record.  Matthew went above and beyond to help me understand what would be required in order to have this issue resolved at the Butte County Court level and with the DMV.

There was really little incentive for him as there were no fees to be charged.  He provided much valuable information and form numbers and excellent information regarding the various infractions and our options.  Never did he request any compensation.  He seemed genuinely happy to be able to provide this information.

I even contacted him a bit later as we were having landlord issues with my son’s rental.  Once again he gladly provided the necessary information and insight to allow us to receive additional monies back from this landlord that had been withheld improperly.

I would highly recommend Matthew based upon my experience with him.”

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