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Review by Anonymous

When the pandemic started to spread I had to ride my motorcycle from CA to my home in WA. While cruising down I-5 near Chico I got flagged down and received a ticket for 110 in 70.

I had to try and get the ticket dismissed since I can’t imagine how much my insurance on my cars and bikes is going to increase, let alone I am going through an important phase of my immigration process. When in my exact kind of situation, people would desperately Google for hours and end up going with some app / website based solution. But I did my homework and realized that those app / website are just doing “trial by declaration”. This means that instead of going to court to fight your case, the defendant and the officer give the judge a statement and any evidence in writing. Most of these apps / websites would just submit some boilerplate for this process. Some cheaper ones even just give you the boilerplate. However, this does not always work: Although in some cases, the officer won’t bother doing the paperwork and the case gets dismissed. In a small town, you bet the cops have a lot of free time. These apps / websites are just pushing luck, but they are pushing your luck not theirs. Comparing to your long term loss on insurance increase, the mere $200 they refund when the case fails simply does not matter. This is why I decided to find an experienced local attorney. I called almost all the local traffic attorneys, some said they do not handle this kind of small case, some tried to convince me to just pay and move on. Matthew is the only person that took my case. Matthew has a good amount of experience working in traffic cases and is very familiar with the local judicial systems. He was a local police officer himself. He broke down the case in detail for me and went to work for me. The case dragged on for almost 8 months. From the initial court date in May to a delayed date in August. Matthew requested evidence from the court and followed through to a second court date in November. Finally, the case got dismissed. I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone who gets into a similar situation like mine. Don’t use the apps and websites. Hire local experts like Matthew for the best results!